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The Manor

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The Manor

This old building was created in the eleventh century by a prior-priest and two monks to serve the chapel built in the tenth century.

The main body of the manor was restorated in 1727 under the regency of the prior Tristan Palluau who installed four beautiful fireplaces in the style of the time.

The year 1727 is inscribed on the four skylights and oeil-de-boeuf of the manor.

The latter was sold as national property in June 1796 to be finally used until 1990 as a farmhouse with 40 acres of land.

The slate tombstone of Tristan Palluau was found in the old cemetery at the beginning of 2000. Cleared of vegetation, it is currently attached to the annexe's wall.

The Chapel

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The Chapel

The adjoining chapel is a place for relaxation with a home cinema and auditorium equipment.

It serves as a banquet hall, conference or as a ballroom for up to 120 people.

The building is decorated in Romanesque style, is decorated with original and rare twelfth century frescoes describing a timetable for months on the Gothic vault of the arch.

The exterior tuffeau stone staircase marks the architectural originality of the building.

The garden

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The garden

Used as a setting to the Manor, the four hectare garden, hilly and green, is housed in various spaces to satisfy the leisure and well-being of its guests: walks, swimming, tennis and angling.